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What more could change and move behind a paywall?

YouTube appears to be starting its experimental kitchen once again with a new video option appearing for some.

A new option appearing for some users of the video streaming service has been spotted by a user on Reddit (via This is Tech Today). YouTube seems to be testing a new video quality option labeled as “1080p Premium.” However, with this test, YouTube has added a tagline that reads “Enhanced Bitrate” beneath the new option currently in testing for mobile watchers. A higher bitrate option would enhance a video overall affecting its overall image quality considering the video experiences less compression.

Users on Reddit have chimed in about their most recent experience with YouTube’s 1080p option. Many have noticed how its quality, while being the highest option a non-subscriber can muster, still doesn’t look up to code. At the moment, the current version of the 1080p video option is a more compressed form of itself. Premium members looking for sharper, higher-quality videos can swap over to using the 4K resolution option, but this does take a heavier toll technically due to the video’s size. This is Tech Today makes the assumption that while 4K does look great, it is both higher in resolution and bitrate. YouTube may be looking at this situation from a different angle by offering a lower-resolution video with the bitrate strength of what you’d expect from a higher resolution.

The word “premium” seems to suggest this option would be another feature locked behind a YouTube paywall, requiring users to purchase a subscription to the streaming service. This is the second instance in recent times when YouTube has experimented with a video quality option in some way. Previously, the video streaming service ran a short test with the 2160p (4K) option, requiring users to become Premium members to use it.

Once the test ended, YouTube restored the ability to view 4K quality options without the need for a Premium subscription. Unfortunately, a test like that is taken as a warning sign that there may be times when YouTube creates better experiences but demand something from the user before giving access. It’ll be interesting what other changes that are currently available to all are seemingly and abruptly shifted away into the Premium plans.

Not all is gloomy, though, as YouTube has been placing more of an effort as of late to improve the experience of its app on mobile devices. The streaming service earlier this month started rolling out a new video player which added a cleaner design with easier access to controls while watching a full-screened video.

Source: Reddit

Via: This is Tech Today

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