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Paving the way for aftermarket development

Developers, get ready – Samsung has dropped something really interesting to play with over the weekend. Now that the Galaxy S23 series is picking up its first software update, the Korean OEM has started unleashing a barrage of kernel source packages on its open source release center, starting with the global and the US editions of the flagship.

For the unaware, Android uses the Linux kernel at its core. As a result, every manufacturer shipping Android-powered devices is obliged to release their kernel sources upon request to comply with the GNU General Public License version 2. While many companies delay releasing the kernel sources for whatever reason, Samsung maintains a very good track record in this regard. The Galaxy S22 lineup had its kernel sources published within two weeks of hitting the market last year, and it’s time for the Galaxy S23 family to continue the legacy.

As mentioned earlier, there are two different versions of the source code available at the time of reporting, for model numbers SM-S91xB and SM-S91xU. Ergo, this kernel source release doesn’t entirely cover all the regional variants of the Galaxy S23. Nonetheless, this is the first time a Galaxy S flagship packs Qualcomm chipsets in all versions of the phone across the world, which means one should be able to come up with a unified kernel tree by combining the packages.

The kernel sources are readily available for download by those wishing to develop, tinker around, or simply explore a fresh batch of code. Just hit the link below to grab the code archives.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 series kernel sources

When it comes to the third-party development scene, a kernel source release with a proper commit history is immensely helpful for the modding community. Keep an eye out on the device specific sub-forums, as exciting projects are coming in your way.

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Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center

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