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A gamer’s best friend for consistent frames and performance.

OnePlus revealed its next smartphone concept at MWC 2023 and how it aims to up the standards of mobile device cooling. According to OnePlus, the company’s next smartphone is redefining the cooling standard the mobile industry may look to take with its Active CryoFlux technology in the OnePlus 11 Concept.

At its core, the OnePlus 11 Concept seeks to press the button even more when it comes to offering a smooth and speedy experience with the Chinese OEM’s line of smartphones. What makes the 11 Concept so appealing is the Active CryoFlux technology which is said to be a miniature version of a gaming PC’s cooling capabilities. It has a cooling pump that pushes liquid through the phone.


During the company’s initial internal testing, the Active CryoFlux cooling system inside the OnePlus 11 Concept reduced the overall temperature of the device by 2.1 degrees Celsius when gaming. To user benefit, this would improve a mobile game’s overall framerate. On the charging side, the cooling technology has dropped the phone’s temperature by 1.6 degrees, shaving off over half a minute’s worth of time off its overall charging cycle.


The Active CryoFlux is allowed to do its job via the industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump running across the back of the device. This pump, which takes up very little space within the 11 Concept, allows the cooling liquid to circulate through the pipes without increasing the device’s overall weight or its thickness. From the previous tease of the OnePluss 11 Concept before its MWC 2023 premiere, we saw the shimmering blue pipes that beefed up the futuristic look of the phone. As it was showcased at the event, OnePlus displayed the smartphone’s deeply curved clear rear cover. Seeing as the back is clear, it’ll be very easy for users and other non-OnePlus 11 Concept owners to see those Active CryoFlux pipes as they work to cool your device.


OnePlus has also allowed the cooling liquid to seamlessly flow around the circular camera array of the 11 Concept, creating an icy blue halo effect. During our review of the OnePlus 11, we enjoyed its strong 50MP IMX890 sensor, 48MP ultra-wide angled lens, as well as the phone’s overall solid build on par with other flagship devices. The phone also provides a 6.7-inch 2K 120Hz Super Fluid AMOLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate.

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