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A design that helps you keep tabs on everything.

Google has rolled out a slightly retooled viewing experience for those using a foldable Android device.

According to a Google Workspace post, the company has rolled out a new two-pane design for those using the email service on a foldable phone. Google details in its short blurb about the update that it aims to produce a “top-class” user experience for those using a larger screen; in this case, a book folding phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The redesigned look is now available, giving those device owners a way to multitask a bit easier. On the left side of the two-pane design, foldable owners will see their email list much like a non-foldable phone would see Gmail. If an email is tapped, it will slide over to the right side of the screen in full view.

Many book-folding phones like Samsung’s Fold 4 or even the Oppo Find N are seen as being perfect for business workers looking to multitask a little easier. Previously, Gmail’s experience on these devices was a little less than satisfactory. Gmail would formerly appear as a stretched-out version of its standard self on a non-folding smartphone. With the two-pane design, foldable phones users should find it a little easier to navigate their emails, reply, and send all without needing to stray too far from their email list. Additionally, Google has included other services in this two-pane viewing such as Google Meet and Chat.

Google started redesigning its email service toward the latter portions of last summer in August. Not only did this new design incorporate Google’s Material You design language but it also merged other services within it for easier use and without the need for opening other apps or tabs if you’re on a computer.

Moreover, Google redesigning its email experience with foldable phones is a good thing but gets us thinking about its first foldable device, the Pixel Fold. While the new device is rumored to come out during Q4 2023, additional rumors surrounding the Pixel Fold have recently come out detailing the chance of it containing a larger battery than its competitors.

Source: Google Workspace

Via: 9to5Google

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